As a business owner, let me show you how to create a free Google Account for your business. I know you have already spent some money purchasing tools that you know are relevant for your business to thrive and be successful. But there are free tools that you need for your business, and you should leverage on free tools which can do as much job as paid tools as well.

And one of such free tools is a free Google Account and you can do pretty much a lot with just your Google Account. A Google Account gives you wide access to most Gooogle products such as:

  • Google Ads
  • Gmail
  • Youtube
  • Google My Business
  • Add your business to Google Maps

With a Google Account you can set up Google Analytics for free on your website and monitor you website traffic so that you can serve your audience better.

Having a Google Account will also help you to organize all your emails for your business rather than using your personal Google Account.

So in this video, I show you how you can create a free Google Account For your business.

how to create a google account