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Are you looking for how to make money online at home? Or are you searching for ways to make money online from home. Even if you’re a beginner, I will show you exactly how to make money online at home.

Many people are earn money online at home today and you can be one of them too.

My tutorials are filled with tips and ways you can earn money online from home.

  • How To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2021

    Are you interested in learning how to start affiliate marketing in 2021? This guide is for you. It includes everything you need to know and to start affiliate marketing this year.

    When I earned my first $295 from affiliate marketing a few months after I created my website and had a few blog posts, I was wowed. I mean just like that, I did not deal with the process of producing and packaging the product and here I was smiling so wide at the first few dollars I made from affiliate marketing.

    But all this did not happen over night, I did some work and here I was reaping the benefits of it all.

    And I know I will keep earning more money from the strong foundations that I have layed.

    So you should start affiliate marketing today, because everything you do will pay off eventually if you put in the work.

    How To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2021

    Have you tried researching how to start affiliate marketing? You will see so many testimonials of people like you who are making lots of money from affiliate marketing.

    Now the thing is that these are not overnight successes, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, they put in the work and they are earning big.

    So if you want to start affiliate marketing now and make huge money, you simply need to start now, lay the right foundations and you will also be a success story as well.

    My success with affiliate marketing is growing and I love it. I want to be real with you and that’s why I am talking to you this way.

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online for anyone. Even if you’re a total newbie to the online business world, you can make money from affiliate marketing.

    Even if you’re a stay at home and you’re looking for how to make money online, you can make money from affiliate marketing.

    Why Start Affiliate Marketing in 2021

    Affiliate Marketing is a good business model and a win-win situation for both the owner of the product and the affiliate marketer.

    An affiliate marketer helps the owner of the product make more sales and the affiliate marketer makes a commission from getting sales through their affiliate link.

    If you’re interested, skilled or passionate about one type of product, or a course that you have taken. You can tell other people about this product or thing and make money doing so.

    • Do you have a blog or website?
    • Are you active on social media regularly?
    • Is there a particular niche you have so much knowledge about or are passionate about?

    If you said yes to any of the above, then you can start affiliate marketing in 2021 to make passive income and scale it to a full time business.

    If you do not have a website or blog yet, then you need to follow this guide and create your own website. It shows you every step you need so that you can set up your website correctly for monetization this weekend.

    You can start affiliate marketing if:

    • If you want to leave your 9-5 job
    • You want to start your own business
    • You want to explore your passion and make money from it
    • You want to add another income stream aside from your day job
    • You’re a stay at home and wants to make money online
    • You simply want to make money from home and be your own boss

    Being able to work from home so I could raise my children, while making more money online than an employer would pay me, were my main reason for getting into affiliate marketing.

    And I am so thankful that everything worked out well.

    Benefits of Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business

    Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative side business and can even become a full time business if you handle it well.

    Some high ticket affiliate programs will pay you anywhere between 50-80% of the sale and some are recurring.

    Once you set up your affiliate marketing business and start promoting a proven product to the right niche, you can build a thriving, and scalable income.

    • It can be lucrative and scalable.
    • You can start at a low cost.
    • No expertise is required.
    • Once you do the work upfront, you can keep earning passive income even while you sleep.
    • You will have an independent, flexible work-life.
    • You don’t need to create your own product to make money

    How To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2021

    Now that you’ve known what affiliate marketing is and the benefits you can get from the business, let’s look at the steps you need to get started.

    1. Choose A Niche

    Before you choose a product, you need to choose a niche that you know or are passionate about.

    Affiliate marketing works best when you choose one area to work in and position yourself as an expert.

    Another thing to consider is, is there money to be made in that niche?

    While I am an advocate for, follow your passion, but if your passion will not make you money, then you need to think out of the box and choose a more lucrative niche.

    2. Find An Affiliate Product To Promote

    There are a few ways to find affiliate products to promote;

    • Search big affiliate networks like clickbank, shareasale, JVZoo
    • Buy a copy of the affiliate program database.

    Think of products that you use and enjoy already. These companies could have an affiliate network and would be easy for you to promote them because you already know and believe in them.

    When searching for affiliate networks to join, consider the following;

    • The product has a high average sale price so you make a good amount per sale.
    • Click on the product to check if it has a professional sales page. This is what the customer will see initially and you want it to be good.
    • Click on the product to learn more about the product. If it has more promotional tools that you can use and what others are saying about the product.

    3. Decide On A Traffic Channel To Promote Your Product

    There are different ways you can start affiliate marketing in 2021 and promote your products.

    One of the ways is to build a website and start creating valuable content on your blog.

    Make sure your website is easy to navigate and loads easily so that you don’t lose potential customers.

    Increase the SEO of your site by:

    • Include inbound and outbound links
    • Optimize your website for mobile
    • Insert and improve your metadata
    • Make your articles informative and content rich
    • Install a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO which will analyze your each article and give you tips on how to improve SEO

    The good thing is that it’s not essential to have a website to start affiliate marketing.

    Other channels to promote your affiliate products for free are on social media:

    • Youtube: Video content is fast overtaking regular written word and will continue to grow in popularity. Starting a niche channel around your product is a great way to go. Over 5 billion videos are watched a day on youtube!
    • Facebook: Facebook has remained one of the largest social media platforms where your potential customers can easily be found. Create your own Facebook page or group centered around your niche and start promoting your products.
    • Instagram: Instagram is another great platform if you already have a great following. But you can still grow your followers and then promote to them.

    4. Start Creating Informative Content Regularly

    Once you have your product, niche and chosen traffic channel, start producing great content that will position you as an expert in that field.

    The goal here is to be consistent and produce content in the form of video, blog posts, social media posts daily.

    This will build your brand and attract potential customers to you.

    You can also produce great content that will address your customers pain points, issues or concerns.

    How to posts, list posts and long form guides are great contents to produce.

    5. Share Your Content On Social Media Platforms

    After creating your content, you should be promoting them on social media.

    This will get people to follow you if your content is great

    Also join other facebook groups in your niche and engage with others.

    Post informative posts, answer questions. If you help people, they will check out your profile and want to know more.

    How To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2021 – In Conclusion

    I know by now you have seen how to start affiliate marketing in 2021 with the right tools and foundation for success.

    You need to lay a strong foundation for your affiliate business and keeping on it by producing helpful content and never give up!

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  • 3 Fun And Easy Ways To Make Money Online – Without A Blog

    Don’t fancy blogging, I got you.

    You’re dissappointed every time you search for how to make money online and all you see is blogging.

    Although I will love it if you start blogging, but I totally understand.

    We have different passions and we love different things but we both have one thing in common, we love to make money.

    I always say I don’t like to stay home doing anything without earning an income.

    If I must stay at home, I want my stay at home to be very rewarding.

    And I want to spend a good time with my family lounging, and doing what I love most.

    Not to imagine having a day job and earning peanuts.

    That must be humiliating and sucks so much.

    But know that you’re not alone.

    That’s why I started blogging because I want to stay at home and take care of my kids.

    I know you’re interested also, and I am going to help you find ways to make money online so that you can work from home and also be your own boss.

    So before I go into details, understand that you can attain your income goals whether $1000 or $10,000.

    You simply need patience and committment.

    There’s nothing like get rich quick scheme.

    Here are the 3 fun and easy ways to make money online without a blog.

    3 Fun And Easy Ways To Make Money Online - Without A Blog

    1. Find Your Passion

    The fact that you don’t like blogging means that you’re not interested and passionate about blogging.

    So the best thing to do is to find your passion and start doing what you are passionate about.

    Doing what you’re not passionate about will lead to failure.

    Like I said earlier, everything we do requires patience and commitment and we are usually committed to the things that we are passionate about.

    The easiest way to find your passion is by trial and error, don’t try to be perfect.

    List out things you love doing.

    Is it cooking, painting, drawing or you love watching baking videos on youtube.

    You can start by offering your services on Fiverr as a freelancer or start a youtube channel and share your expertise with your audience.

    If you implement the right strategies, you can make a living from your art.

    So start and see where your talent takes you.

    2. Start A Youtube Channel

    Do you enjoy creating videos?

    Then Youtube is the best platform for you.

    I know you spend hours watching a lot of youtube videos, you’re not alone. I also do that.

    If you start publishing quality content on youtube, your fans will appreciate that and they will spend more hours watching your videos.

    If you allow ads on your YouTube channel, you will make about $4.18 for every 1000 ads view.

    And this isn’t bad as your channel grows, you earn more.

    3. Sell Gigs On Fiverr

    It is a global market that offers different of services starting at a cost of $5.

    On Fiverr you can reach customers from all part of the world and also sell anything.

    And the beautiful thing is that Fiverr is free for everyone irrespective of the gig that you are selling.

    Fiverr gigs are services offered on the platform. You can find gigs such as “I will teach you french for $5”.

    Amazing right? Join Fiverr and start making online from the comfort of your home.

    Fiverr is the best platform to make money with your talent.

    Yah, It’s A Wrap

    You can make money online at home.

    The 3 Fun Ways I mentioned that you can make money online without a blog, such as using your talent, starting a youtube channel and selling gigs on Fiverr are effective and guaranteed.

    Be committed and stay positive and you will achieve your dream.

    Do you have any other way you have tried that works.

    Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

    I hope this post helped you, please share with your friends and also follow me on Pinterest.

    3 Fun And Easy Ways To Make Money Online - Without A Blog

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  • How To Set Up A Successful Online Business

    Are you looking for how to set up a successful online business?

    With the events that have happened in 2020 it has become even more necessary to set up an online business if you are willing to do so.

    People are also buying online now more than ever. Many businesses that had just a physical store have seen the urgent need to create an online presence for their businesses.

    And if you’re thinking that you’re late to the party, you’re completely wrong.

    I am here to help you set up a successful online business where people will keep coming to and buying from you.

    So let’s get started.

    Four Steps On How To Set Up A Successful Online Business

    1. Decide What You’re Going To Sell

    Many people get excited at the thought of setting up an online business. But in order to have a successful online business, you need to first decide what you’re going to sell.

    Creating a website is not the same thing as having a successful online business.

    Don’t be deceived by the long adage that says if I create it, they will come.

    No your website needs to solve a problem before you can make profit from it.

    So first decide on what you will be selling on your website

    Because a thriving online business needs to be selling something. Either a service, digital product or physical product.

    If you’re just starting out and you’re trying to figure out what it is that you need to sell, here are my suggestions for you to consider.

    • What are you already skilled at doing? May be you are experienced with social media marketing. For example, You can create facebook ads. Manage social media account. Or you have successfully lost say 40kg weight and you’re at your ideal weight, and have coached people offline how to loss weight, and now you’re thinking of growing your business by coaching more people virtually. Start with the skill that you already have.
    • How can you get started? Now that you have figured out the skill that you have, then you need to get started. When I started my online business, I started as a service provider, because that is the easiest way to start an online business. But I know there are people who start with selling digital products or physical products and they are a great success today.
    how to set up a successful online business

    2. Set Up Your Website

    So, if you have decided what you want to sell, now it’s time to set up your website.

    Any successful online business, have a professional and beautiful website that attracts people and turn them into loyal customers.

    Whether you’re a service provider, or you want to sell digital products on your website, I’ve got you covered.

    If you’re a service provider, you can build your website with ease using the ChicServer WordPress Theme if you’re offering services.

    Check out ChicServer WordPress Theme if you’re offering services.

    If you plan on selling digital products, check out ChicShop WordPress Theme.

    And if you plan on offering services and also selling digital products, then the ChicBoss WordPress Theme is the best for you.

    No idea how to create a website? Check out the free getting started guide on how to build your own website today.

    3. Create Content That Directs People To Your Website.

    Creating relevant content for your website is one of the best ways to direct people to your website.

    Yes, I know you have created your website, and listed your services and products which is fantastic, but you need people to find you.

    And creating content is the best way for people to find you.

    I create content for my website that drives traffic to my site and so do other successful business owners as well.

    You can create content such as:

    But I find that one of the best ways to start is by creating blog posts.

    Blog posts are great because they rank in Google search results and that means organic traffic, and can also be pinned on pinterest which is a large search engine where most pinners are searching for things.

    Most people always ask how do I write new blog posts? A good starting point, is to create one blog post per week.

    Another thing to keep in mind when creating blog posts, is that you need to create blog posts that are relevant to what you sell or do on your website.

    If you’re fitness coach, you should create content that are related to fitness, healthy living etc.

    For example you can create blog posts on the following topics:

    • How to get started with healthy living
    • 10 tools you need to live a healthy life
    • 30 Days meal plan to loose 40kg
    • Shopping list for healthy living

    It will be irrelevant to create content such as how to fix generators if you’re a fitness coach. Because such content will attract the wrong audience to your website and you might not be able to sell your services or products.

    4. Share Your Content

    So now that you have created your website, and created content as well, it’s now time to share your content.

    There are many ways to share your content today on social media. You can use:

    If your content is optimized for SEO then you can get people coming to your website from search engines.

    Final Thoughts

    Yes that’s it, this is all you need to get started and set up a successful online business.

    Basically you should rinse and repeat.

    This is a simple process for you to start an online business, as there are many other steps to running an online business like:

    • Scaling your online business
    • Setting up evergreen email funnels
    • Adding tripwires

    and many more. But you don’t need to have these other parts to get started. Your online business will continue to grow, and change over times, but the most important step is to get started.

    If this blog post was helpful to you, do share it with others.

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  • How To Make $1500 On Pinterest Fast

    Do you want to know how to make money on pinterest?

    Or you’re wondering can you make money on pinterest…

    Today, I want to show you how to make extra money fast on pinterest. Making money online can be challenging if you don’t know what to do.

    But you can make money fast using pinterest. And you can do that with or without a blog.

    I will tell you how to:

    1. How much you can be earning from pinterest
    2. What you need to do before you can make money on pinterest

    How To Make Money On Pinterest – How much you can make…

    Before I go into telling you how to make money on pinterest, let me tell you how much you can make from pinterst.

    Here’s the truth, there’s no limit to how much you can make from pinterest

    Your earning potential on pinteret is limitless.

    But if you’re looking for an inspiration, here’s Dale from blogging her way, she currently makes $500 pinning on pinterest.

    And the fun part is that you don’t need a blog to do make money on pinterest.

    And to make your journey much easier, she created an ebook get paid to pin.

    This is just an example, and you can absolutely make more than that on pinterest without a blog.

    What You Need To Do Before You Make Money On Pinterest

    Now that you know that you can make money on pinterest, I know that you will like to start immediately, but here’s one more thing, you need to understand what you need to do first before you start making money on pinterest.

    Because you will not be able to make much money if you don’t reach more people on pinterest.

    However, I have outlined the steps you need to take to set up your pinterest account properly so that you can reach more people and make more money on pinterest as well.

    Here’s a detailed post to help you set up your pinterest account properly.

    how to make money on pinterest

    How To Make Money On Pinterst – The Different Methods

    Once you know how to use pinterest, you can start making money on it.

    And what’s the secret to making money on pinterest?

    Affiliate marketing.

    Not sure what affiliate marketing is?

    Here’s how affiliate marketing works

    • You find a product you will like to promote
    • You join the affiliate program for this product
    • A unique affiliate link is given to you
    • You share your unique affiliate like on pinterest
    • Someone purchases the product with your link
    • You earn a commission, that is you earn money from the sale.

    Affiliate marketing helps both you and the person that created or owns the product to earn money.

    You get paid for helping them get customers.

    Affiliate marketing is easy because there’s less work involved.

    It’s simple, you promote your link, someone sees your link, clicks on it, buys the product and you get paid.

    Now, you see why it is important that more people are seeing your pins on pinterst, because the more people see your pin, the more money you make.

    If you need help on how to get your pins seen by more people, check out how to set up your pinterest business account properly

    8 Ways To Make Money On Pinterest Fast

    1. How To Make Money On Pinterest -Link To A Product

    This method does not require you to have a blog.

    You simply upload a pin and have it linked to a product that you are promoting using the affiliate link.

    Then when someone purchases through that link, you make money.

    Of course there’s more to it, and that is why I recommend investing in a course that teaches how to make money on pinterest with affiliate links.

    If you are looking for to make money on pinterest with affiliate links, with or without a blog and you’re on a budget, I recommend Get Paid To Pin ebook.

    You will learn Dale’s exact strategy for making $500+ monthly on pinterest through affiliate sales.

    2. How To Make Money On Pinterest – Link To A Blog Post That Has An Affiliate Link

    This method can be more effective but takes more time.

    Because sometimes people will want to know more about a product before they buy it.

    And writing a blog post about a product, establishes trust with the reader and makes them more willing to buy.

    And a blog post is the perfect way to convince them.

    So if you are here and want to learn how to start a blog, check out my guide on how to start a blog.

    But if you’re not techie enough and you want to own a blog of your own, but don’t know how to set it up properly, you can check out my blog set up service here too. You will have a fully functional blog of your own.

    3. Link To Your Products On Etsy and Ebay.

    Another cool way to make money on Pinterest, is to link to your own products on Esty or Ebay.

    You can easily design pins on canva of your products and pin them on pinterest and link the pins to market places such as Ebay or Etsy.

    The beauty of using this method is that you don’t need to have a website to start making money online.

    4. How To Make Money On Pinterest – Link To Your Shop Page On Your Website

    When it comes to making money on pinterest, you simply need to design eye catching images that will get viewers clicking through to get details of the message on the pin.

    So if you have a website and you already have your products, you can start making money on pinterest by linking directly to your website shop page.

    This method to me is double win. Because you’re also driving traffic to your site whilst making money selling your own products.

    With Pinterest, you get free traffic.

    So if you’re a new blogger, pinterest is one of the good source of traffic you should start with even from your first blog post.

    5. How To Make Money On Pinterest – Link To A Course

    how to make money on pinterest

    Linking directly to a course you know will serve your audience or pinners is another cool way to make money on pinterest.

    But before doing that make sure you’re an affiliate for that course and use your affiliate link on your pinterest description.

    For example:

    1. I can say “Learn how to become a Virtual Assistant in 30 Days or Less
    2. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and make $2000 monthly

    Now when I share pins like the example above, people who are interested in becoming virtual assistants, will actually click on it and get details and very likely buy the course and then I earn a commission as an affiliate.

    Now to get the best out of this kind of pins. It’s best you write a good blog post that explains the course in details that is convincing enough.

    So instead of linking directly to the course, you link to the blog post where you have discussed the course in detail. This way your pins will perform better and you will have better chance of making money.

    6. How To Make Money On Pinterest – Link To Your Own Course

    So I said earlier that you can link to courses you know will benefit pinners on pinterest.

    You can also create pinterest pins and link to your own course.

    So if you have a course, you can constantly promote them on Pinterest and make money selling your course.

    If you’re wondering how to make pins for pinterest, I personally use canva and I love it. You can sign up on There’s both free and paid plan.

    How To Make $1500 On Pinterest Fast

    7. How To Make Money On Pinterest – Link To Your Service Page

    When it comes to making money online fast. There are two ways you can make money online fast and they are:

    1. Affiliate marketing
    2. Offering a done for you service

    So if you offer services on your website, first you need to have a service page on your website that describes what you do including how much you charge.

    In a nutshell let your service page answer most of the questions your ideal client is looking for before hiring you.

    Now pinterest is one of the places where most of your audience are already hanging out.

    So to leverage the audience on pinterest, you can create pins describing your service and link directly to your service page.

    When you do this, you open up your services to more people and that means more money for you.

    So if you have a service page on your website and you are wondering how to get your first client and many more. Here’s the secret today.

    Create gorgeous pins and link directly to your service page.

    If you are yet to create your website and you need step by step tutorial that will show you how to make your own website without hiring a developer, then you should follow the steps in this guide.

    Use Paid Advertisements On Your Blog

    Pinterest is really a gold mine, if you use it effectively.

    Another cool way to make money using pinterest is by driving massive traffic to your website or blog.

    If you blog generates a good amount of traffic and your pageviews are good, you can monetize your site by placing ads on your blog.

    Now the trick to driving massive traffic to your site using pinterest is create eye catching pins that get’s viewers clicking through to your site.

    Quick Recap of How To Make Money On Pinterest

    So let’s recap how to make money on pinterest fast

    • Learn how to set up your pinterest business account properly so that you can drive massive traffic to your site and make money fast
    • Make money through affiliate marketing. You can promote a product, a course or a product
    • You can make money on pinterest by promoting your own products, course, and service.
    • You can use pinterest to drive traffic to your website and make money through advertisements, or growing your email list.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and that you now understand the different ways to to make money on pinterest fast.

    If this post has helped you, please share it.

    How To Make $1500 On Pinterest Fast

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  • 10 Ways To Make Money Online At Home

    I know you are seriously searching for ways to make money online at home. If you want to earn money online at home, it’s completely possible and you can achieve it.

    There are many legitimate ways to earn an income online and you can choose just one, stick to it, become a master at it and start earning money online at home.

    You don’t need to do several things or multiple jobs at the beginning if you want to make money online.

    Today I will show you 10 ways to make money online at home. And you can start your journey to becoming an online entrepreneur because let’s face it, you too can become one if you play by the rules.

    If you have a goal and focus you can follow the steps outlined below and start making money online.

    As long as you have a passion and skill, all you need is to create an online presence, build your audience and start selling your goods. Be it digital products or physical goods there’s a market for any category.

    If you’re ready to get started with making money online from home here’s everything you need.

    3 Steps To Making Money Online From Home

    how to make money online from home

    Here’s my 3 step process to start making money online from home.

    Remember that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a process and if you do the right thing you can begin to earn consistent income overtime.

    1. Figure Out Your Niche

    If you want to make money online, then the very first step you should take is to figure out your niche.

    How do you figure out your niche?

    Your niche is a combination of your passion and knowledge. You need to choose a niche you are passionate about. Because you need to pour out your heart and soul into creating products and content and if you cannot do that for years, then you might not be able to sustain your audience.

    So naturally you will have a strong motivation to stick to your passion because you enjoy doing it.

    Now after figuring out your niche, you need to find out if there’s a target audience for your niche.

    To do that, go to facebook and type in your niche into the search box and see if there are groups where people who are in need of your niche already congregate. Because fam you need to have a group of people who are ready to interact and buy your products or services.

    2. Start a blog

    So right after figuring out your niche, the next step you need to take is to start a blog.

    Today many businesses have added blogging to their business because blogging is one of the easiest ways to reach your ideal audience. Creating content around your niche establishes you as an expert and you become the go to person when people need your products or services.

    So simply put, blogging helps you stay in business and gives you an edge above your competitors.

    If you have a website, then you should blog consistently as this will make you leverage your audience. When you blog consistently and you use the right keywords for your target audience, your blog post can go viral and that means more people get to know about your business and of course you earn more money.

    So blogging opens you up to a lot of wider audience and many monetization options in the long run.

    You can even get partnership opportunities when you blog regularly.

    I have a tutorial on how to start a blog, if you need help.

    3. Build Your Audience

    Naturally the easy way to build your audience is to consistently create more helpful content for readers.

    If your readers find your content helpful, they will come back for more. Often times I get comments on my blog post of how helpful my content is

    But if you want to be a smart business owner, you should start an email list immediately.

    Yes you can build your audience by creating and publishing juicy contents but hey there are still some readers who might never come back to your blog again either because they forgot your blog name or they have a thousand and one thing seeking for their attention.

    The best way to keep readers coming back to your blog is by starting an email list.

    You can start an email list from scratch on convertkit by following the steps in this guide.

    So after following my 3 step proven steps to making money online, here are 10 ways to make money online at home.

    10 Ways To Make Money Online At Home

    how to make money online from home

    1. Create a blog to make money online at home

    Are you surprised that this is the very first ways to make money online at home that I am outlining?

    This is because making money from your blog is real and when you start making money from your blog it becomes passive income.

    If you want to make money for the long run, then typically you should start a blog.

    Blogging is a good way to make extra money from home. If you work consistently on your blog it can become a full time income for you and possibly replace your day job especially if you have a soul depressing kind of job that you’re just sticking to in order to make ends meet.

    You can make money from you blog through the following ways:

    • Advertising
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Reviews
    • Sponsored posts
    • Sell Ecourses
    • Sell Ebooks

    You can create your own blog following the steps in this tutorial.

    You can start your own blog for as low as $2.95 per month and you get a free domain name if you sign up through my tutorial.

    2. Become A Freelance Writer To Make Money Online At Home

    Freelance writing is one of the best ways you can make money online at home today.

    If you enjoy writing, then freelance writing might be your best online jobs to start and earn money online.

    As a freelance writer one of the basic things you need to succeed and land your dream clients, is having your own blog. You should start by creating your own blog and publishing blog post on it. Your blog becomes your portfolio and clients will hire you with ease, because your blog is an evidence that you can get the job done effectively.

    So if you start your blog, you can monetize it as a freelance writer by offering paid services and so this adds more income streams to your blog.

    I also love freelance writing jobs because it’s an easier way to earn money online at home.

    Want to earn a living online? Here’s how you can start making money online from home writing in your spare time in just 30 days or less.

    3. Become A Virtual Assistant and Earn Money Online At Home

    Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the 10 ways to make money online at home.

    As a virtual assistant you help other business owners to run their business smoothly by offering your own service and you get paid.

    I love the many opportunities that being a virtual assistant offers. And you know what, I am a virtual assistant myself and I earned my first $200 online by offering my own service.

    As a virtual assistant, you can monetize any good skill that you already have. And you can learn a good skill that is in high demand and get paid for your service.

    Related articles:

    4. Website Design and Development

    If you know how to design websites and you have designed one yourself, you can sell your services online as a web designer.

    As a web designer, you need to understand what happens at the backend of a website and have an eye for designs.

    Web design is also one of the most lucrative skill you can learn today. Because the services are in high demand.

    5. Coaching

    Do you know that you can make money online as a coach? As a coach, there’s a whole range of services that you can offer.

    Basically if you have knowledge and skill you can share with someone, you can become a coach.

    For example if you have a huge following on Instagram or Pinterest, you can become an Instagram Coach or a Pinterest Coach.

    Or let’s say you have a good business background, you can become a business coach and teach others how to start and scale a business.

    There’s really no limit to what services you can offer as a coach. Once you are knowledgeable in that field.

    6. Graphic Designer

    Do you see all the beautiful graphics on many social media platforms? When you come to pinterest for instance, you will see alot of eye catching pins. They were probably made by someone and the person was paid.

    If you enjoy creating graphics and often use any of the popular graphic design tools like: canva, power point, Adobe to mention but a few, you can start creating graphics for other businesses who don’t have all the time to do that and need’s a graphic design service.

    You can also create and sell custom design graphics for bloggers and small businesses on websites such as creativemarket. You simply need to create an account, set up your shop and you start selling your graphics.

    Powered by Creative Market

    When you set up your shop on creative market, where most bloggers and small business owners go to when they are searching for good graphics, you are simply positioning your service in front of your target audience and that means you will make sales if your designs are good.

    7. Blog/Social Media Management

    Many bloggers and businesses are often in need of social media management because they probably have more than one blog.

    And this means they need someone to handle content schedules, editors, scheduling and formatting blog posts.

    And often times the work can be overwhelming and so they hire other people to handle it.

    If you want to offer your service as a blog/social media manager, you need to have an experience using wordpress (publish blog posts and source for images). You also need to know how to use other popular social media profiles like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

    8. Editor or Proofreading

    Do you have an eye for wrong grammar? Like you can easily spot a grammar mistake in other people’s articles.

    Then you can make money by proofreading other people’s writing.

    And the beauty of this particular skill, is that you don’t need any special skill and you can even offer freelance writing alongside as well.

    Of course like many online jobs, you will need a website to set up your business and attract your dream clients.

    If you don’t have a website, I got you covered, you can create a website for your business, following the steps in this guide.

    9. Sell Food Products

    There are several options today if you want to make money online.

    Selling food products is obviously one of it. I have seen alot of people earn money online from home simply by selling food from their kitchen.

    This however implies that you should comply with the rules as regards your country.

    You can sell home cooked meals. And if sourcing for food produce is your forte, then you can also source and sell food produce.

    10. Decor and Interiors

    I love love everything decor and interiors.

    Yes I might not be monetizing this skill yet and that is why I am sharing with you so that if you love decor and interiors then you should set up an online business selling beautiful decor items and pieces.

    The decor and interiors industry is booming and will continue because hey who does not like a good furnished space?

    So you can carve your niche in the decor world and start making money from home.

    My Final Thoughts

    So obviously there are many opportunities for anyone to earn money online from home. The possibilities are endless and you can monetize your passion and skill.

    So let me know what is your passion and how do you plan on making money from it?

    Let me know in the comment section below.

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  • Make $2000 Monthly As A Virtual Assistant

    Do you know that you can make $2000 monthly working as a virtually assistant from the comfort of your home just using your laptop and an internet connection?

    I love the many opportunities that comes with being a virtual assistant. The possibility of making $2000 monthly as a virtual assistant from your skill and passion.

    Times are changing and so you need to change as well so that you don’t become obsolete trying to make money only by working a 9-5 job only.

    I earned my first $200 from my website by offering a skill I already have. And seriously I have many more tech skills under my sleeves. But I am particularly concerned about busy moms like me or moms who want’s to earn money and contribute to their family income no matter how little.

    I want to show you that it’s possible to make money online and that you have all that it takes to earn money.

    So I will be showing you the real life story of a mom just like you who earns $1000 – $2000 even as a busy mom.

    Meet Rachel she works part time as a virtual assistant and averages about $1000 – $2000 each month.

    Rachel is a busy mom and her husband works with the military while her children are also in school.

    She figured out that getting a traditional job will not work for her restrictive schedule and hours. And so she decided to utilize her skills working as a virtual assistant from home.

    She got to find out about how to become a virtual assistant in 30 days or less and she enrolled immediately.

    And the most interesting part is that while still working her way through the course, she landed her first client just after two months and a half, and so she focused on scaling her business.

    And today Rachel is living her dream life, working as a virtual assistant for only 10 – 15 hours per week specializing in email marketing and customer service.

    She has customers in different locations including US, Canada and the United Kingdom.

    And even though her husband supports their family working for the military, Rachel is thrilled to be making $2000 monthly as a virtual assistant working part time.

    Becoming a virtual assistant does not necessarily require you to invest all your time and energy into launching a new business with easy to follow course like 30 Days or Less To Virtual Assistant Success. You simply need to follow the step by step roadmap provided in the course and you will be on your way to landing your first client like Rachel and of course building your business.

    In today’s world you can build a great side hustle that fits well into your lifestyle.

    And there are many success stories out there especially moms who are living their dream life of raising their kids and also contributing financially to the home.

    So why not launch your business using as much or little time you can spare.

    If you will like to start a business that takes just about 10 – 15 hours a week to run like Rachel’s while still making enough money to support your family, then just head here to make it happen.

    Now it’s time to dive into what you get with 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success to decide if it’s right for you.

    This AH-MAZING program will lead you step-by-step through launching and growing your very own VA biz from scratch.

    Here’s a taste of what you’ll get:

    • The #1 most important skill needed to make inexperience completely irrelevant to become a successful VA
    • 3 unknown reasons why businesses LOVE to work with VA’s (memorize these reasons and use them to lock down clients for yourself)
    • How keeping your “VA radar” on can lead to finding brand new clients without ANY extra research at all (I did this and locked down a client for two years because of it)
    • The key trait to building a relationship with your client that makes them want to lock you up and throw away the key (so no other business can have you)
    • The biggest reason why businesses hate hiring regular “9 to 5ers” and love working with VA’s instead
    • How to frame your VA services so that you stand apart from the “average VA” and are seen as a business “necessity” instead (Gina did this to land her first VA client when she had ZERO VA experience at all)
    • The key to connecting your VA work directly to a businesses success (doing this will elevate your value and only make a client want to give you MORE responsibility… and more CASH because of it)
    • The 6 traits you MUST HAVE that lead to success with the HIGHEST paying clients out there

    …Getting excited?

    These tips and more are what Hailey use to generate nearly $5,000 each month as a VA:


    Not bad, right?

    Not only that:

    Here’s what else you’ll get in the course: 

    • 13 self-paced modules to train you on how to become a successful VA (70+ lessons and over 145 minutes of video content).
    • Access to 25+ advanced trainings and templates you can use to secure gigs and deliver your services to clients.
    • A certificate of completion to overcome those pesky “skeptical” clients out there (think of it like a “college degree” for your business)
    • 30 days of trial access to our VA Leads Community where we post jobs, share tactics and offer personalized help for all members!
    • PLUS, as a VA Leads Community member, you receive FREE WordPress Hosting from Flywheel (a $30/month value)!

    And much more as well!

    If you want to work remotely, earn a side income or call your own shots as a business owner, I’m here to help you make that goal of yours happen right now!

    Check out the course HERE.

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  • My First Blog Income Report – $200

    I am so excited to share my very first blog income report.

    When I created my website on February 2020, I didn’t know that in four months time I would have made $200 from my website and possibly writing my first blog income report on my website.

    In February 2020, all I did was to purchase my hosting, set up my website and decided to get serious about making money online.

    I have always read other entrepreneurs blog income report and thought it will take me a year or at least 6 months to make my first income online but surprisingly it took me 4 months to earn my first $200 from my website.

    My website is currently a side business as I am still working my day job. But I committed my time into designing my website and writing at least one blog post per week.

    I know you’re eager to know how as a working mom I was able to start my online business and even make money online.

    I covered all of that in this guide and you can follow the exact steps and start your online business today

    Let me show the exact steps I took in earning my first blog income even as a beginner.

    How I made my first blog income

    first blog income report

    Step 1 – I created my website

    Yes, that’s the first step I took in earning my first blog income. Because without my website I would not have had an online business. So right after creating my website, I started writing helpful blog posts relevant to my niche and my passion. I joined pinterest and created a pinterest business account, shared my blog posts on pinterest and I immediately started getting traffic to my website.

    If you want to earn significant income online, then you must have an online presence and the best online presence you can have is to create your own website.

    And if you’re in doubt, here are reasons why you need a website

    Reasons why you need a website

    • Your website positions you as an expert. When you have a website that showcases your skills and expertise, you will attract quality customers that will pay you for your services.
    • Your website enables you to build trust. And for people to buy from you, they need to trust you. So imagine you’re telling someone that you have a skill and offer some services without any website, it makes the person to doubt you and you will not pay and so you loose money. So as an expert with a profitable skill, you need a website so that your potential clients can trust you and pay you for your services.
    • Your website will bring in clients on autopilot for you. Imagine sleeping and getting discovered by your potential clients around the globe? This can only happen when you have a website. And this is because your your website does not go to sleep and so it’s working on autopilot if you set it up correctly and well optimized for search engines.
    • Your website makes you discover able. Most business cannot survive or bring you the kind of customer’s you need with just word of mouth. But when you have a website, you can easily go global because you can be discovered by anyone on the internet and so your potential client will always find you.

    If you are a new business owner, or a freelancer or virtual assistant, I have a detailed step by step guide for you to create your website for $100 so that you can build your online presence and start earning money online too.

    So follow the steps in this guide and build your dream website.

    Step 2 I Created Content

    So after building my website, I started writing blog posts which was attracting the right kind of visitors to my website. And also opening up more opportunities for me.

    Step 3 I told my Family and Friends about My Website

    I know most people say that family and friends might not necessarily be your customers, but I beg to differ.

    Right after creating my website, I reached out to my friends and family and told them that I just launched my business and that I am available for hire – web design services.

    Step 4 I landed my first client

    So yes, I shared my website on all my social media platforms and of course word of mouth and gbam I landed my first client.

    So from the steps I just outlined, I earned my first blog income by offering my services to my clients. I worked as a virtual assistant and earned my first $200.

    But it all started with me building my website and going public about my business.

    How to create your own Website

    create a website

    If you are ready to create your own website, and start making money online. Read this tutorial on how to create a website and create your own website today.

    In this tutorial I walk you step-by-step on how to create a website. You will also learn how to choose your domain name and get it for free.

    How I made $200 from my blog

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  • How To Make Money Online As A Beginner

    Do you want to know how to make money online as a beginner? You’re searching the internet and looking for ways to make money online and the whole thing sounds new to you.

    I was once in your position and wondered how everyone was making money on the internet except me. But the goodnews is that after I implemented what I am about to share with you in this blog post, I started making money online as a beginner while still working my day job, being a mom and all those stuffs.

    So if I can make money online, you also can if you put in the necessary work, be patient and you will see the results.

    Times have changed and it’s not new again that you can make money online even as a beginner.

    Today I want to cut through the noise on the inter web and show beginners like you how to make money online as a beginner.

    It’s possible because this is the same way I made my first $300 online.

    I don’t want you to get lost reading 10 to 20 blog post looking for how to make money online and then wondering why you’re not making money online and worst you begin to doubt if it’s possible to make money online.

    Making money online is real and legitimate too.

    If you’re looking for different ways to make money online, then you can read this blog 10 online business you can start today.

    But if you’re a minimalist and like to focus on one thing and get result then this post is for you.

    The first step to make money online as a beginner

    Make money online

    For any new entrepreneur just starting out, I would recommend starting with an online service-based business. This simply means that you work one-on-one with clients and offer services such as:

    • Virtual Assistance
    • Graphic Design
    • Copy writing
    • Coaching
    • Pinterest Virtual assistance
    • Web design
    • Social media management

    or any skill that you have.

    Reasons why you should start with offering your services in exchange for money

    • The start up cost are super low
    • You don’t need to learn a new skill to make money
    • You only need a small number of paying clients
    • You spend the time building your platform and your audience

    I know it can be tempting for you to do so many things right away, but take this advice from someone who have been there and have gone through the robes, you will not make much progress and might not make any money online.

    But when you start with a 1:1 service, you’ll also get valuable feedback from your clients, become an expert in your industry, and start to see where the opportunities are.

    And once you’re confident in your expertise and you’ve established your audience, then you can add more ways to make money online like:

    • Online courses which of course requires time and money
    • Memberships takes more time and money
    • Group Programs etc

    Let me show you the right steps to take on how to make money online as a beginner.

    how to make money online as a beginner

    5 Steps of How to make money online as a beginner

    1. Create A Website.

    It’s so much easier this days to create a website. But if you need a step by step guide on how to create a website for your business, follow the steps in this blog post.

    But as a quick one, you simply need just 3 tools to create a website

    • A domain name
    • A Web host
    • A Theme

    And with bluehost, you get a free domain name for your first year, and you can purchase hosting for 3 years which will cost you a $100. Now tell me is there any brick and wall business you can start with just a $100?

    Once you purchase your hosting from bluehost, and install wordpress, then install the Astra theme, which is one of the fastest theme and already have more than a million downloads.

    2. Get Your First Client

    This is the most important step to making money online as a beginner. And from my experience is more simple than you think.

    More often than not we try to complicate what is already easy.

    To find your first client, I will say tell your friends and family members that you have just started your business and will be available to work with them. Then to show that you are serious, show them your website.

    This was the exact step I took in landing my first client. It looks simple but it works and you can take it from me.

    That is why the very first step I outlined is for you to create a website because a website shows that you’re professional and that you mean business.

    I don’t think I can over emphasize the need why you need a website as a service based person. But here are 5 reasons why you need a website today just in case you need more convincing reasons.

    When you tell your friends and family, they can spread the word and I tell you, you will be working with your first client sooner than you expect it.

    Another way you can get your first client is to join facebook groups or look for places where your ideal client always hang out, if it’s a forum, join the forum and offer meaning tips as per your niche.

    In essence leave helpful comments in groups where you know your ideal clients are.

    If it is websites, visit such websites and leave comments there too, but remember to sign in to your gravatar so that when someone clicks on your profile it should direct them to your website.

    how to make money online as a beginner

    3. Create Content

    After creating a website for your virtual assistant business, and you’re waiting to land your first client or have landed your first client, whatever the case, start creating relevant content to your niche.

    Creating content, establishes you as an authority and will make even your potential client to find you when they come across your article or blog post.

    The kind of content you can create is not limited to just written content, you can create videos as well and publish them on your site. Some of your clients will find you through your content.

    And when you create content, it’s a win win for you, as content gives you more opportunities to make more money from your website.

    So start creating those juice content and answer questions that your potential clients are asking.

    4. Share Your Content

    One of the first things I learnt early on as an online business owner is that after creating content, you must share your content out there. And now thanks to social media platforms like pinterest, twitter, facebook which have made sharing of content very much easy.

    But as a beginner, it will be too much starting with all the popular social media platforms, rather I will say choose two and focus on them. I mostly recommend Pinterest and Facebook. These two have worked for me and for many other successful online entrepreneurs out there as well.

    For pinterest, you will need to create a pinterest business account so that you can get all the benefits and drive massive traffic to your website.

    Learn how to create a pinterest business account for your website following the steps in this guide.

    5. Be Consistent

    As a new online business owner, you must have read all the success stories of other entrepreneurs and how they make 6 figures from their website and blogs.

    But the main key to make money online is consistency.

    I was able to make money from my website four months after I started my online business because I was consistent. My friends were referring me to their friends because I was talking about my business on my social media accounts.

    So to make money in your first few months as a beginner, you need to be consistent in sharing content on your website.

    Yes, I wrote this blog post with every beginner who want to make money online and I’d want you to succeed.

    I will like to hear from you though, what have been your biggest challenge with making money online?

    Is it lack of ideas, no time to implement, let me hear what your challenge have really been and hopefully I can offer more tips to help you make money online today.

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  • How To Create Your Own Website

    In this time, anyone can create a website without the knowledge of coding, web development or design.

    Having a website is the very first step to generating passive income for yourself especially if you want to set up an online business and make money online at home.

    If you want to be earning significant passive income online, you need to create a self-hosted website that belongs to you.

    Creating a website where you can earn money online from home even while you sleep is not complicated.

    And it can be done in under an hour.

    Just follow the instructions in this blog posts and your own website will be up and running.

    how to create a website

    What You Need To Build A Website

    Here’s what I recommend:

    • Buy your domain name at namecheap
    • Host Your site at bluehost. It’s fast, affordable and you get 24/7 support
    • Use It gives you more options to customize your site.

    To build a fully functional website you need to secure your domain name and a hosting account. They both make sure that your website is accessible to others. If you don’t have any of the two, you cannot setup your website.

    Once you secure your domain and hosting, you can create a WordPress website. WordPress powers 30% of the website on the internet.

    Setting up a WordPress site is usually a simple, one-click process through your web hosting service.

    Follow this guide and implement the steps, and you will have a fully functional wordpress site.

    So let’s get started.

    Steps To Build A Website:

    • Choose a domain name
    • Register a domain and Sign Up For Hosting
    • Install WordPress
    • Install A WordPress Theme
    • Add important pages to your website

    Step 1. Choose A Domain Name

    Choosing a domain name is the very first step you must take to build a website. Your domain name is the address your website visitors will type into the search bar when they want to visit your site. For example, my domain is –

    Having your own personalized domain shows that you’re ready to build a serious business. And it’s just $10-15 per year. 

    The only challenge you may have is finding or choosing the domain name you want because most names are taken. It’s getting tougher and tougher to find one, but don’t worry I will give you a few suggestions to help you out.

    You’ll see a few different endings out there – example .com, .org, .net and others. I highly recommend the .com. This is because everyone still assumes it is a .com (and I don’t want people not being able to find you).

    You also want to make sure that social media accounts are free for the name that you’re thinking of. Go to namecheckr and see if the domain and social media accounts are available. You certainly don’t need ALL social media accounts, but I’d think about the top 4 – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Even if you don’t start using all of them immediately, reserving them for the future is a great idea. 

    how to create a website

    Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

    • If you are building your personal brand website, then use your name. (
    • If you are building a website for your business, then use your business name. (
    • Use the general domain name extension, such as .com, .org
    • Keep it short and simple, to make it easy for your readers to remember.

    Check if your name is available

    Was it Available?

    Once you have found a name, it’s time to snatch it up!

    I use Namecheap and I love their services. It’s cheap, easy to use & has fantastic customer support. I also recommend it because it easily integrates with other tools. 

    Click the button below to buy yours.

    how to create a website


    My domain name registrar is not the same as my host. That’s a personal preference.

    If you decide to buy your domain name from namecheap follow namecheap’s guide on how to change DNS for a domain name and point your domain name to bluehost.

    You can still get a free domain name for your first year when you purchase your hosting from bluehost. And if you’re on a budget that’s an awesome offer to help you not stall on building your website.

    If you have not bought your domain name yet, don’t pass on this offer, purchase your hosting from Bluehost and snag a free domain name for your first year.

    This will help you to save at least $15 and you can use that for other things.

    Step 2. Register A Domain And Sign Up For Hosting

    In addition to having a domain name, you will also need a web host.

    Web hosting is the service that stores the content of your site securely on a server. Without a web host, your website will not be accessible to others.

    It’s important to choose a good host for your website. Because the last thing you want to deal with when creating your website is a slow loading site and poor support.

    I have done a lot of research, and Bluehost is the best you will find if you want to create your website with ease and it’s also budget-friendly.

    It’s only $3.95 per month and you will have a free SSL and HTTPS to protect your site and a free domain name for your first year. And that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

    How To Create A Website With Bluehost

    1. Choose A Plan

    Bluehost has four (4) plans

    1. Basic
    2. Plus
    3. Choice plus
    4. Pro.

    To choose a plan and get your hosting account, click here and be taken to bluehost.

    You will see the screen below, click on “Get started” button.

    How to build your website

    The “BASIC”  plan is a good option if you want to create only ONE website and is suitable for a beginner. 

    With the “PLUS” you can create unlimited number of websites and enjoy some of bluehost premium features. 

    The “CHOICE PLUS” plan gives you access to most of the that has to features and highly recommended if you want to host multiple sites. 

    The “PRO” plan is for the PROs, I just made that up by the way. It obviously offers all the amazing features of the bluehost hosting plans.

    Now, click on the “SELECT” button for any of the plans that you choose.

    How to build your website

    2. Enter Your Domain

    We discussed about domain name earlier. If you already have one, click on ENTER your domain on the right side “Use a domain you own” and enter your domain name. 

    If you don’t have an existing domain, enter your domain on the left side box that says “Create A New Domain” and then “Next

    how to build a website

    Remember that bluehost gives you a free domain for your first year.

    3. Fill In Your Account Information

    When you click on the next button, you will be directed to fill in your account information and then purchase your hosting.

    how to set up hosting

    When filling your purchase information, make sure to pick 36 months or more in order to get the 60% discount.

    Next you select your package extras.

    Bluehost automatically selects some of these package extras. But you can deselect them but make sure that you select the “domain privacy protection”.

    It cost’s $11.88 a year. The Domain Privacy Protection is a service Bluehost offers that will hide your personal contact information that you used in registering your domain like your phone number and email address from the public WHOIS database and replace it with generic Bluehost contact information instead. You are still the owner of the domain name, but your personal contact information is kept safe.

    Next, enter your payment information.

    Scroll down and tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions and then click on submit.

    Click Submit.

    Once you pay for your hosting, you will see this screen.

    Check your email, bluehost will send you a welcome email confirming your account and FTP information.

    Whoop whoop whoop, and that’s it, your website is now hosted on bluehost. That’s a great feat!!

    Next, create a password for your account. Make sure you follow the guidelines for creating a password and also write it down somewhere, as you will need it to login.

    Connect WordPress And Bluehost Together For Free


    To install wordpress is very easy and you don’t need to be techie.

    With bluehost, after your hosting account is created, WordPress will install automatically.

    Bluehost makes it easy for you to create a wordpress site for your passive income hub especially if you’re not tech savvy.

    Start by picking a theme. Bluehost offers some free theme from the

    Note, you can always change your theme later, which I will show you how to do that in this blog post.

    For now, pick any of the free theme, and get started. And everything will be installed for you.

    Click on the “start building” button lets start building your website.

    Next, choose if your website is for business or personal. But since your goal is to build a passive income hub and make money, choose business.

    Here, you will see an overview of WordPress and bluehost integration.

    Next, enter your site title and tagline. For example my site title is currently: Freelance writer, blogger and website creator. And my description is “Learn how to create your own website and earn passive income consistently”.

    Note, you can always change your site title and Tagline.

    If you’re struggling to give your website a title and description, leave it blank as you can always fill it in later.

    How To Change Your Site Title And Tagline

    From your wordpress dashboard, go to settings >> General and enter the title and tagline.

    Below is what your bluehost control panel will look like.

    From here you can login to your wordpress website. Just click the “log in to wordpress”.


    Themes control the appearance of your website. 

    They make your website look beautiful or unappealing.

    So choose the right theme for your website.

    WordPress has both free and premium themes. 

    Some free themes are poorly coded and can affect the search engine optimization of your website. Before you use any free theme, make sure to check the ratings and also if it has thousands of downloads.

    I have personally used the Astra theme and I love it. The Astra theme is lightweight, simple, built with SEO and can be easily customized. 

    But if you have some bucks, then go for a premium theme you will save time and money if you use a premium theme. 

    For premium theme, I recommend these ones:

    1. Bluchic: They have great feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs and bloggers. So if you want that female touch to reflect on your website, then bluchic is your go to place for feminine beautiful themes.  And if you’re wondering, that’s the theme that I currently use on my website. I use the bluchic ChicBoss WordPress Theme and I love it and I know you like my website as well. So you can check it out here.
    2. 17th Avenue: They offer stylish, chic, affordable feminine WordPress themes for business owners, creatives, and bloggers.
    17th Avenue 17th Avenue


    To install a wordpress theme(free). From your wordpress dashboard, click on Appearance >> Themes >> Add New. Type in the name of the theme you want to install in the search box. 

    Click Install and once your theme is installed, click activate

    how to create a website

    If you purchased a premium theme, go to your wordpress dashboard, click on Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> then click the Upload Theme button. 

    Upload the theme you purchased. After uploading it, activate and install.

    And that’s it you now have a beautiful website.


    There are pages that are necessary that you have on your website from day 1.

    To add pages on your website, go to wordpress dashboard, click on Pages, >> Add New to create a new page, add the relevant content and then hit publish.

    Here are the 5 pages you should create immediately.

    Home Page : The home page on your website is first page your website visitors will see when they click on your domain name.

    Blog Page: The Blog Page will contain all your blog post. Your blog post can written, video content or whatever form of content you like to share with your audience.

    About Me : Let your audience know who are you and how you will help them.

    Contact Me Page: Here you will add a contact form, so that your readers can contact you.

    Privacy Policy: You need to protect your website legally from day 1. When you freshly install wordpress, you will see a privacy policy page, edit it to suit your website by adding your website URL to it and then publish it.

    Congratulations it’s now time to Launch Your Website

    And now finally, you have built your website, you put in the hard work and should be proud of yourself. Building a wordpress website is not scary.

    I know first hand how challenging it can be to build your own website from scratch without feeling overwhelmed, and so I put together this Ebook that will show you step by step all that you need to do to have a fully functional website and launch your online business without being stressed.

    You can grab it HERE

    The Ultimate Guide To Create A Website
    3 Tools You Need To build your website

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