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About Me

Hello, I'm Lois

I’m Lois Melikam. And my mission is to help you go from I want to start a blog to actually starting your own blog.

I believe that blogging is easy and that you can start a successful blog and make money online with your new blog.

You don’t need any degree to start a blog and you don’t need a big blog to make money.

Lois Melikam



You’re in the right place if….

  • You think you’re not techie and there’s no way you can possibly start your own blog.
  • You know you need to start a blog so that you can start earning money online
  • You’re confused about this whole blogging thing
  • You want to start your own blog and build a side business for yourself.


Simple DIY BLOGGNG Masterclass

You know how you want to start a blog and wish I could be right by your side and clicking all the buttons until your blog is set up and launched.

Now this is what I did in this masterclass. I am virtually with you showing all the right things to do so that you can start your blog and make money. 

This masterclass is simple and will show you the entire process to starting a blog from scratch to launch. 

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"The masterclass is thorough and hold's nothing back"

As a newbie to the blogging business, I didn’t know where to start. Lois saved me from many months of endless googling that got me no where. She showed me exactly how to start my blog and today I make $2000 monthly from my blog

I am so thrilled with my new blog and how much I get to make and this is all thanks to Lois. Can’t be much happier. You can check out my blog

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