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I help Entrepreneurs Create a Website For Their Online Business

With our FREE Dream Website Roadmap, you can plan, build, and launch your website all on your own over the course of a single weekendNot tech-savvy? Not a problem.

Create a website from scratch

free website roadmap

Grab the free roadmap to creating a WordPress website with confidence in just 6 steps!

Want To Do Something Meaningful? Create a Website

Your website is one of the best tools you can use to make money online today! With your website you can sell digital products and even physical products and make money online. The opportunities that owning your own website in todays age is just without boundaries, and you should create one today!

Get the exact steps for setting up Woocommerce on your Website so that you can digital products and make money online.

Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

If you’re a blogger, and especially if you’re a new blogger, the best way to monetize your blog is through affiliate marketing.


Launch the website of your dreams in 6 easy steps!

Here’s what you’ll get inside this FREE Roadmap:

About Me

Hello, I'm Lois

I’m a mom who probably started off where you are right now. 

I had a 9-5 job but had this dream of starting a blog and working from home so that I can live life on my own terms. I was tired of my day job and desperately needed to replace my income before quitting my salary job.

I know what it feels and tastes like to give my children the best of both worlds in terms of my presence and money and I was not ready to be that mom that could not give her children the best things of life due to money.

And so I went in search of how to start a blog.

Lois Melikam

And then I stumbled upon blogging and it changed my life….

  • Treated myself and my family to amazing gifts.
  • Paid off all my debts
  • Took the time off to stay with my family without any worries of money.
  • Built two more blogs and currently living a happy life.

You can learn how to start a blog and  money making blog in an easy and stress free way, using a proven roadmap to success. 

Everything you need to become a create a successful blog can be found in the 30 Days to blogging success course

30 days to blogging success

How To Start A Blog And Make Money Blogging

Get the exact strategies for starting and growing multiple successful blogs to $5,000+ per month!

Learn how to start a money-making blog in an easy and stress-free way, using a proven roadmap to success? 

Replace your 9-to-5 job with income from blogging?

Work 10 to 20 hours a week doing something you actually love, while making MORE than you did during your day job?

Create a freedom-filled life that you absolutely love?

This is what blogging has done for me and now I’m sharing my EXACT strategies so you can achieve the same results.



"The online course is thorough and hold's nothing back"

As a newbie to the blogging business, I didn’t know where to start. Lois saved me from many months of endless googling that got me no where. She showed me exactly how to start my blog and today I make $2000 monthly from my blog – trustedreviewsite.com

I am so thrilled with my new blog and how much I get to make and this is all thanks to Lois. Can’t be much happier. You can check out my blog
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Create a website from scratch

Free Website Roadmap

Grab the free roadmap to creating a WordPress website with confidence in just 6 steps!