As a business owner, let me teach you how to take your business online.

These days virtually everyone is using their smartphone to look up things online. So when someone does a Google search about your products or services, you better make sure that you’re discover able and that your business comes up in the search result list.

If you don’t have a website, the good news is that getting one is not such a great hassle and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to do that. I will teach you how to take your business online.

You can decide to create your own website using tools that you tirelessly search for online. Or you can hire an expert and pay thousands of dollars, but why waste that money when I will teach you all the steps to getting a website for your business so that you can take your business online.

8 Steps To Take Your Business Online

  1. Get A Domain Name
  2. Purchase Web Hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Login to wordpress and set up your website basic theme
  5. Create your website pages
  6. Use the widgets features of your wordpress website to fill the sidebar with items of your choice
  7. Write the content for each of your website pages
  8. Publish your website and view it

So that’s it these are the basic 8 steps you need to take your business online.

Does all this sound daunting to you? Well the goodness is that I have created the ultimate guide to creating your amazing website.

The 8 steps listed above are all that I covered in this Ebook and even much more…. You will also get to choose your brand colors and design your logo for your business as well.

With this Ebook you will be able to confidently create a website for your business and take your business online. And you will get to learn the following as well:

  • How to lay the foundation for a successful website that brings in money
  • Install all the necessary plugins so that your website will be properly secured even from day 1.
  • Install Let’s encrypt
  • Set up your .com email (i.e a professional email address for your business)
How To Take Your Business Online
How To Take Your Business Online