Lois Melikam Digitals

As a Web Designer, building my personal website for my brand, was one of the first professional projects I handled, it was quite an enjoyable task for me and daily as a I look at my website, I grin with smiles and then what is even more fascinating is when I joyfully show clients, friends, families and acquaintances my website, they always have something good to say.

Some say, oh my days, your website is so beautiful and so professional. I believe as a web designer, your personal website should be your first project and that is why I always showcase mine with joy.

Hear what our clients have to say

“I run two digitally-based business. There is no office to welcome my corporate clients, so I needed a place online that would represent me and my brand. Bluchic themes have helped me position myself as a thoughtful, detail-oriented consultant that cares about the finer details. All of which has led to more people reaching out for my services. Thanks for all that you do!”
– Lois Melikam, Lois Melikam Digitals

Lois Melikam