Smart Mel

Smart Mel before meeting Lois Melikam Digitals, had bought a domain name and host account but could not set up their Business website for almost a year. And when I got to know about that, I reached out to them that I am WordPress Web Designer and I could create a WordPress Website for the company to showcase their brand and also reach their customers through their works.

I had to convince them to trust my expertise. I requested for some information needed to build their business website(smartmel), and in few days, the company’s website was up and running.

Lois Melikam Portfolio

“When we started the Smart Mel Company, we felt we could build a website for the company without hiring a web designer, but soon we realised that we could not build the website, but finding someone to trust with our business website was of much concern to us, until we came in contact with Lois Melikam Digitals and she assured us and created a beautiful website for our company and we couldn’t be happier!”
Smart Mel – Indoor and Outdoor LEDs

SmartMel – Home of Indoor And Outdoor LEDs