What does Google do and how does it actually work? If you are a veteran blogger you might have become familiar with how Google works but for the newbie blogger, I am all here for you, I will explain what Google actually does. Because understanding Google will help you craft a winning SEO strategy that works.

In the old days when Google didn’t exist yet, and there were other search engines, you have to really apply to a search engine. So basically, you tell a search engine, that I have a website and you can find it here and then the search engine will be able to take a look at your website. But when Google came, things changed because Google follows links.

What Does Google Do?

Google as a search engine follows links. A search engine like Google consists of the following:

  • A crawler ( spider, bot)
  • An Index
  • An Algorithm

A crawler also known as spider, bot or robot, is an aspect of the search engine that goes around the internet 24/7 following links from one page to another and saving the HTML version of all pages in a gigantic database known as Index. If Google saves your page in the index then you could appear in the search results.

This index is updated frequently. So, If the Google crawler comes by your site and finds new or updated web pages, the new version of your page is saved to the index.

Google’s Algorithm is an aspect of the search engine that decides which pages that have been saved in the index are shown in the search results and in which order. However this algorithm work is a secret and the factors that determine the ordering change regularly. This is why we installing the Yoast SEO Plugin for your wordpress blog is a must, because these factors are incorporated into the plugin so that your Google will be able to find and index your blog.

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