How to SUBMIT YOUR WEBSITE to google search console

How to submit your website to Google search console and grow your blog traffic. So you have started a blog, written a few blog posts, and installed plugins, and you are now ready to get discovered on Google.

how to submit your website to google search console

Yoast SEO makes it pretty easy for you to submit your website to Google Search Console, so you can track how Google is indexing your website. Google’s crawl’s bots crawl websites frequently and use the information they found while crawling to index websites and display those websites to search results when relevant. Google’s search console is a must site tool for all websites as it gives you an incredible information about how your website is performing in search. I strongly advice you to connect your site to Google search console to benefit from all the insights.

what is google search console?

How To Submit your website to Google Search Console

Right after I started my blog, one of the very first site tools that I discovered and quickly implemented is Google free Search Console, with it I am able to see how my site performs. Not only does it show me how my site is doing, but also how searcher’s see my site in the search results. I get information on keywords and queries that bring traffic to my site, I am able to see which search results my content have earned and also discover how my mobile site is doing. Google search console is just amazing and you should get started implementing it on your website immediately. When you give Yoast SEO access to your Google Search console account, you are able to fix crawl errors too. Crawl errors happen’s when a search engine tries to reach a page on your site and it fails.

how to connect google search console to yoast seo

Yoast SEO makes it super easy to connect your site to Google Search Console. You just need to take a few basic steps. And I will show you the exact simple steps that you should take. First, you need to create a Google Search Console Account if you don’t have one. Once you do that, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 Go to google search console

Login or click “start now”. When you click “start now”, you will be required to login with your gmail account which you used when you created your Google Search Console Account.

How To Connect Your Account To Google Search Console, Step 1

step 2 click “add property”

You can add up to 1000 properties to your Google Search Console Account

How To Add Property in Google Search Control

step 3 enter your website url and click continue

Ensure you enter your complete website url. If your site is, it needs to be the exact url, and also include the / at the end of your url. If your site uses www or http, you should add property for that also. Once you have entered your website url, click continue.

step 4 expand the html tag

There are several ways to verify your website, but I use the easiest one which is to copy and paste the code of the html tag into Yoast SEO. Click the “html tag” to expand the option.

step 5 copy the meta tag

Highlight the entire meta tag code, right click on the highlighted tag and click on copy.

step 6 login to your wordress dashboard

Login to your wordpress dashboard so that you can paste the code that you just copied. Click on SEO and it will expand the options, click on “General”, then click on the “Webmaster Tools” Tab.

step 7 paste the code

Paste the code in the Google field and click safe changes.


So go back to Google Console and click on “verify”. And that’s it, you have connected your website to Google Search Console. Congratulations!!!! So next up, you should submit your sitemap.

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