Learning how to create and sell digital products like e-book, courses, printables etc, have become very attractive among creative entrepreneurs due to their low cost and their passive income nature.

Who doesn’t like passive income? It’s pretty natural to jump on the passive income wagon.

Making money online have moved from placing various ad banners, or implementing banner links on your website. The future have long moved from there.

So if you want to earn a decent income online, you need to start creating and selling your own digital products for your online business.

If you are knowledgeable on a subject, think of how you can package your services as a do-it-yourself online courses. If you are a designer, then you can sell your design templates. If you have a valuable skill set, there are people who are willing to pay you for your services, why not package them as digital products and sell.

I believe creating and selling digital products is by far the most attractive online business. They begin to bring in passive income on autopilot once you set them up with little or no promotion.

If you will spend all the time creating a digital product, then you need to first start from the beginning which is creating your own blog. Never to be worried, I have put together a solid tutorial that will enable you to start your blog, so that you can create and sell your own digital product.

So here are the steps you need to create and sell your digital products


Always research your market before you begin to create any digital product. Ideas are good, but the aim here is to create passive income, so first of all before you go into creating your digital products, conduct your research for a ready market that are willing to pay for your digital products before you throw in the towel and start creating your products.

To validate your idea, use Google Keyword Planner, it gives you insight on the monthly search volume and projected competition on specific keyword phrases.

Another great tool to use in validating your idea is Google Trends, search for topic of interests, around which you can create a digital product. Simply enter a specific key phrase, and google trends will show you the popularity of that phrase over a specific period of time.


To pre-sell simply means to promote your product in advance before it is produced and made available to the public. In pre-selling, you create anticipation in the minds of your target audience, and see how many people are actually interested in your product. You do this by setting up a landing page on your website, with a sign up form, and if people are willing to give you there email addresses, then you can be certain that they are interested in your product. Pre-selling is one of the best ways to validate your digital product idea


Once you have validated you product idea and have created a landing page with a sign up form on your website, you need to start creating free content that will give people more reasons to keep visiting your website and they will help to spread the news about your content and you will quickly reach more of your target audience.


Once you have built your email list to at least a few hundred or at most a thousand people. This means that you now have constant traffic to your site and then you can focus on creating your digital product.

At this point, don’t be obsessed with whether you feel ready or not, think about a sizeable number of people that are desperate for the skill that you have and a willing to pay you some money in return. This alone should get you excited and up and running with creating your digital product.


You will need a way to receive payment for your digital products. There are several options out there, but I use and recommend Gumroad, due to their many features like: It is easy to integrate gumroad to your website and you can sell on social media like and it also integrates with your newletter which is pretty fantastic


Congratulations, it is now time to launch your ideal and profitable digital product to your audience. You have put in the hard work, it’s time for your reward.

You’ll want to set up a sequence of emails to build anticipation in the minds of your existing audience, remember this is the reason why you built your email list.

Focus on scheduling at least three to six emails that functions this way:

  1. Showing your audience the problem.
  2. Agitating the problem
  3. Solution to the problem(your digital product).

Once you have launched your digital product to your audience, it’s time to look for more potential audience on other platforms like facebook(paying for facebook ads), Twitter, Instagram etc.

And that’s it, so you keep multiplying your success as you learn what your audience needs more and then you create more digital products that fits there need.

To your success!


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