How to claim your website FOR pinterest

In this post, I will show you how to claim your website for pinterest, which allows for extra analytics related to your blog

This is very essential if you want to analyze your top performing pins and which content is driving the most traffic to your blog so that you can create more content around that topic. You can also see how many people clicked through the actual post to your website

To claim your website with Pinterest, you must have created Pinterest Business Account. You can follow the guide in this blog post to do that easily


So to claim your website with pinterest, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Yoast SEO Plugin, and activate it
  2. Once you have downloaded the Yoast SEO Plugin, and activated it, go to your pinterest profile and click on the three dots at the upper right hand, and then click on settings
  3. Scroll down and you will see claim, type in your website and click “Claim Website”
  4. A pop up will appear, select the add “metadata” option and copy the metadata
  5. Go to the backend of your wordpress site and find the Yoast SEO Plugin at the left side
  6. Click on the “social” tab located within the plugin, as you hover over the plugin
  7. Then click on the “Pinterest” tab, once it opens, paste the metadata in the pinterest box and click save
  8. Go back to Pinterest and click save

Note: It can take 24hours for your website to be confirmed, and you will receive an email letting you know it worked

After claiming your website, you should enable rich pin. Follow the instruction in this blog post to do that

Was it fun or looks like a lot of work, MY PINTEREST MANAGEMENT SERVICES takes out all the work of trying to figure out a strategy that works for your blog or business


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