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  • How To Monetize Your Blog With advertising

    Monetize your blog with advertising. You can monetize your blog with cost per click ads.

    You may be familiar with Google Adsense, but have you heard of advertising? You can monetize your blog with advertising. gives you access to Yahoo! Bing Network, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for keyword-targeted advertisers. So, no matter how broad or niche your website is, your content always has relevant advertisers for the taking. is a leading global advertising technology company that develops innovative products for both publishers and advertisers. It provides the full spectrum of advertising and traffic monetization solutions to its large, diversified client base worldwide, and has one of the most comprehensive ad tech portfolios in the industry.

    After publishing my eleven (11) blog posts, on my blog, I am ready to start monetizing my website immediately.

    Here are my first eleven (11) blog posts on this website:

    How And Why I Started Blogging

    I started blogging because I enjoy blogging and there are always several tap opened in my brain throughout the day brainstorming on what topic to blog about.

    I would say blogging about online business, work from jobs, and make money online topics comes natural to me and I thought why not just start blogging on these topic and that was how I started blogging. Because I was tired of having all this taps open in my head without anyone reading them.

    Blogging is a creative outlet for me, and I am happy I can blog.

    I purchased my hosting on 3rd February 2020, because I was determined to succeed with my blogging business this year and I set out with a goal of publishing at least one blog post a week and so far I think I have done well in not falling in my goal.

    My Blogging Monetization Strategy

    My blog is currently my side hustle, as I still have a 9 to 5 job.

    So I started blogging to make money and part of my monetization strategy for this blog includes:

    How I Monetize My Blog

    • Affiliate Marketing which I am already implementing
    • Ads – Exactly what I will be teaching in this blog post.
    • Online Course: I am currently working on an online course and will let you all know when it’s ready for purchase.

    So if you just started blogging or considering to start a blog, you can monetize your blog with a combination of the options I listed above.

    I know that creating an online course takes a while and so I decided to start monetizing my website with affiliate marketing and ads.

    How To Apply To Media.Net

    Applying to is quite easy and just takes a few minutes. To apply, visit click on the sign up button at the top right corner, a form will pop open, fill in your details and submit.

    After applying, it takes about 5 business days to get approved. But mine took about two business days.

    How To Get Approved As A Media.Net Publisher

    • Traffic Minimum : None
    • Website Language Requirement : English
    • Restrictions : No adult, pornography or illegal content. No tabacco, alcohol, ammunition, hazardous substances. etc
    • Payout : Paid Monthly via paypal or bank transfer – $100 minimun
    • Advertising Type : Contextual, Display
    • Offer Types : Cost per click (CPC)

    How To Create Ads For

    From your dashboard, go to plugins, click add new, search for “ Ads Manager” install and activate the plugin.

    How To Monetize Your Blog With advertising

    After installing and activating the plugin, you will see the Ads Manager tab on the left side of your wordpress dashboard. Click on it and you will see a login that will pop up like the image below

    How To Monetize Your Blog With advertising

    If you successfully got approved into the program, then login with the email and password you used to create your account.

    Once you login, you will a window open like the one below

    How To Monetize Your Blog With advertising

    So with publisher plugin, you can configure the ads to show at relevant places on your blog and also the location that you want. So you simply tick the pages and locations that you want the ads to show.

    Next you scroll down and click on “Enable Ads”

    And automatically ads will start running on your website.

    So you don’t need to copy any code. The plugin is all that you need to run ads on your website.

    Like I always say, there’s a plugin for everything. And that is why I recommend building your website with wordpress as you get to add more functionality to your site even without writing a code or being techie.

    Do you want to start earning passive income? Follow this step by step guide and start your blog and make money online.

    You can also learn affiliate marketing after setting up your blog using this guide.

    how to monetize your blog with advertising

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  • Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

    Learn affiliate marketing for beginners the right way. You may have been inspired to start your own affiliate marketing website so that you can earn passive income.

    Consider this post your own affiliate marketing guide for beginners.

    I will do my best to explain all the details that you need so that you can start your own affiliate marketing website and make money.

    What is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

    Affiliate marketing is the job that one does by promoting a brand’s product or services and then earn a commission for referring sales.

    Affiliate marketing is when you earn money by promoting other people’s products or services.

    Ideally you build your own affiliate marketing website using wordpress and promote other people’s products or services by writing blog content about your affiliate products.

    Typically, you earn money when someone makes a purchase after clicking on your affiliate link.

    How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

    This is how affiliate marketing works:

    1. You build an affiliate marketing website.
    2. You find a product you like
    3. You apply and join the affiliate program of the company or brand
    4. You’re given a unique tracking code, (i.e your affiliate link)
    5. You create content as blog post, social media content to promote the product using your affiliate marketing link.
    6. When someone makes a purchase, using your affiliate link, you earn a commission from that sale.

    What Are Affiliate Marketing Websites?

    Affiliate Marketing Websites or blogs are used for the purpose of making money through affiliate commissions.

    How To Create Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

    The first thing you need to have in place before learning affiliate marketing is to build your own website. Your website will serve as the hub for your affiliate marketing promotions.

    Here is a step-by-step guide to that will show you how to set up your website in under an hour.

    Once you set up your website and create your pinterest business account to generate traffic, and promote your site, it becomes a source of income.

    A passive income hub where sales happens at any time of the day or night.

    When you have a profitable affiliate marketing website, you will literally be making money even while you sleep.

    How Much Can You Make From Affiliate Marketing?

    There is no limit to how much you can make from affiliate marketing.

    Some affiliates make a few hundred dollars a month, some make thousands of dollars a month and of course some affiliates make as much as $100,000 per month.

    How much you can make from affiliate marketing, depends on how well you promote the right products to the right customers.

    How To Create A Blog For Affiliate Marketing

    Like I said earlier, at the beginning of the learn affiliate marketing for beginners, the first thing you need in order to start making money from affiliate marketing is a website. And the only thing you need is web hosting

    3 Types of Affiliate Marketing Website

    Here are 3 types of affiliate marketing websites:

    Personal Blog

    A personal blog is a blog that contains contents about yourself, and your life. Generally the things happening in your life and also family.

    You share personal stories around your life alongside your affiliate promotions.

    You could blog about a variety of topics that covers your current lifestyle.

    If you have a personal blog and writes good content, brands will begin to reach out to you and pay you to write sponsored posts promoting their brand to your audience.

    So if you’re at a lost of what type of affiliate marketing website to start, I’d say start a personal blog and share your stories…

    Authority Niche Blog

    An authority niche blog is a blog that that has specific niche which you create content on.

    As an authority niche blog, you choose a niche let’s says

    • News
    • Fashion
    • Food
    • Health
    • Fitness
    • Healthy Living
    • Craft
    • Organizing
    • Gardening
    • Fishing
    • Photography
    • Homeschooling
    • Journaling

    The list is inexhaustible. You can create an authority blog in any niche.

    The goal here is that your content is authoritative and you create content around the affiliate product that you promote.

    Reviews And Comparison Website

    Writing reviews of various products is a great affiliate marketing website to create especially if you know that you have the skill or can learn the skill of given unbiased opinion about a product or service to shoppers.

    Each product that you review will have your affiliate link in it and if your readers are pleased with the review they click and make a purchase and you earn a commission from the sale at no extra cost to the buyer.

    An example of a review site is which. Which? is a broad product review platform.

    How To Find And Join Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Website

    Before you can start applying to affiliate programs, you need to create your website, write content and publish.

    I recommend you have atleast 6 blog posts before you start applying to affiliate programs.

    As a blogger, the best way to find and join affiliate programs is to apply to affiliate networks like:

    • Shareasale
    • Awin
    • Flexoffers

    You can also visit a website you will like to promote their products or services, go to their footer and look for their affiliate program link and apply.

    It was such a good ride crafting this blog post.

    Are you interested in creating an affiliate marketing website or want’s to monetize your already existing website through affiliate marketing? let me know in the comment section below.

    affiliate marketing for beginners

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  • The Top 3 Side Hustle That Actually Works

    The top 3 side hustle that actually works. Pick a side hustle actually worth hustling for! Don’t waste your time.

    I know that there are work from jobs that actually pays, but many of the ones I have found are not credible, you know all those sites that tells you that you can earn money by answering surveys or maybe being a mystery shopper. Those kind of side hustle are not worth leaving a full time salary job for.

    Maybe you want to keep your full time job and just want something extra on the side or you’re like me and looking for an entire better way of life.

    whatever your reason, below are top 3 side hustle that are actually worth hustling for.

    These top 3 side hustles are not get rich quick schemes. These side hustles require time and dedication, but there earning potential are huge and they can actually become your full time income if you treat them as business.

    The top 3 side hustle that actually works

    Side Hustle 1 – Blogging

    I am sure this comes as a no brainier to you. Blogging is a great way to make extra income. And it’s arguably among the top 3 side hustle that actually works and the income potential is a consistent passive income.

    I love blogging and absolutely enjoy it. And one of the best things about starting a blog is that it is relatively cheap to start.

    I have a step-by-step guide that can walk you through setting up your blog in under an hour.

    Today you can blog about anything. There’s a niche for your interests and hobbies.

    And you can monetize your blog with any of the following:

    • Sponsored posts: A brand can pay you hundreds of dollars to write a compelling posts for them that relates to your audience.
    • Advertisement: You can earn passive income from your blog through placement of adverts on your blog.
    • Affiliate Marketing: You join affiliate programs, and promote their products and services in your blog posts and earn a commission when your readers makes a purchase.

    You can also place banners on the sidebar of your blog to promote products and services.

    If you can create content and can set up a website(which I can help you with) then blogging is probably the best side hustle for you.

    Side Hustle 2 – Become A Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant is one of the side hustles that is currently booming, as many online business owners are outsourcing some of their work so they don’t burn out. The virtual assistant industry is on a rise.

    Virtual Assistance is the fastest way to make money online

    Many coaches, course creators, agencies and high end service providers start out as virtual assistants because it is the quickest way to grow relationships, build a reputation for yourself online and make money quickly.

    As s a virtual assistant, you can start your rate at $30-$40 per hour.

    If your rate is $30/hour, and you work 30 hours a week, you earn $900 per week. And that is an annual salary of $46,800.

    As an independent contractor, you set your own hours,

    You set your own rate

    You decide when, where, and how you will work

    You create your own systems for working, including invoicing, payments etc.

    Common Services Offered By Virtual Assistants Are:

    • Scheduling/Sending Emails
    • Social Media Graphic Creations
    • Social Media Scheduling
    • Writing / Content Creation / Blogging
    • Web design services
    • Calendar management
    • Webinar / Live Workshop Assistance
    • Customer Service Emails
    • Travel Research and Booking
    • Appointment Setting

    specialized services you can eventually learn

    • Pinterest Management
    • Instagram Managment
    • Facebook Ads
    • Course Launch Strategies
    • Online Business Management
    • Bookkeeping
    • Proofreading / Copywriting
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design
    • Affiliate Management

    The fact is that you can become a virtual assistant in any niche, don’t let the VA title scare you off.

    The best way is to start with services that you are familiar with. Keep learning, and continue to learn more types of services that you can offer.

    As a professional, the best way to approach becoming a virtual assistant, is to take done for you course that will take you from zero so that you can start earning at least $1000 from your first month of becoming a virtual assistant. And this can only happen when you follow a system that shows you step by step what to do. Click here to join the 30 days or less to become a Virtual Assistant

    If you have more experience in writing, you can start by offering services like blog writing.

    You can check this post dedicated to show you how to become a virtual assistant.

    Side Hustle 3 – Create And Sell Digital Products

    Creating and selling digital products is the ideal side hustle if you want to earn consistent passive income.

    There are several types of digital products that you can create and sell online today, but here are a few to help you get started.

    Online Courses

    If you are an expert at something and alot of people keep coming to you asking how you accomplished a project, the right thing for you to do is to create an online course and reach more people.

    When you create an online course, you are seen as an expert because when people are looking for an answer on that topic, they will come to you, they will also refer their friends and family and so you keep selling your course on autopilot.

    As long as people are asking questions about a particular topic that you’re very knowledgeable about, then your online course will continue to sell.

    That is why I said creating and selling digital products is one of the best ways to earn passive income today.

    You can create and sell your online course on teachable. Their platform is simple to use and contains everything you need to create and sell your online course effectively.


    Create and sell ebooks. Ebooks are simple digital products that you can easily create today.

    You can create ebooks on any topic that you have very good knowledge on.

    I created my first Ebook that shows you how to create your website so that you can have a thriving online business. Because your website is the hub of your online business and without a website you will struggle with putting your online business in one place. And because I am passionate and love to teach creatives how to start their own online business, I had to write an Ebook that will teach them how to create their own website as a foundation for their online business.

    If you want to build a sustainable online business, then you should click here to get my Ebook and you will be able to build your website following the steps in the Ebook with ease.

    The Ultimate Guide To Create A Website

    Downloadable Workbook Or Printables

    Workbook and printables are great digital products to create and sell as many online business owners can benefit from it.

    They are so simple to make and also easy to sell at an affordable price.

    And you can make money on autopilot without much promotion once you set it up.

    A downloadable workbook or printable is just a simple digital file(PDF) that people can download, print and use.

    What You Need To Create Digital Products

    Creating a digital download is simple to create and deliver. All you need is make a PDF and have a way to automatically collect payment and deliver the download.

    Design the PDF: You can create your PDFs in canva.

    Processing Payments And Delivering the PDF: I recommend samcart for this, samcart automatically delivers PDF’s to your customers when they buy, you don’t need a third party to deliver, everything is built into samcart.

    Time: About 1 – 10 hours

    I hope this blog post have inspired you to start your own side hustle, I would love to hear from you, if you do.

    Remember a side hustle is not a get rich quick scheme, but can absolutely change your life if you pick the right one for you.

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  • How to create your passive income hub

    Before you go into creating your passive income hub, let me explain what a passive income is.

    What Is Passive Income?

    Passive Income is an income you earn with little to no effort. You earn money without being actively involved.

    You can earn a full time income from passive income.

    But passive income is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You need to put in some work upfront and then you start earning the rewards.

    What is a passive income hub?

    A passive income hub is a place where you earn your passive income.

    This can either be a blog or website that you own.

    My passive income hub is my website

    why do you need a passive income hub

    If you want to be earning CONSISTENT passive income, you need a:

    self hosted website that belongs to you.

    why self hosted website?

    • A self-hosted website means you own the website and you don’t need to worry about loosing the website. Other platforms like and, can decide to shut down one day and you will loose your site.
    • A self – hosted website can be easily monetized. But other free website platforms are limited and you cannot make so much money.

    So if you want to earn CONSISTENT passive income, then you need your own self-hosted website.

    how to create your passive income hub

    Creating your own passive income hub is not complicated. It can actually be done in under an hour.

    But before you go into creating your own website, you need to get clear on one important thing.

    And that’s being clear on what paid services and or products your website will offer. That is how you will monetize your website.

    Many online entrepreneurs get excited at the thought of earning passive income, and go straight into creating their website and halfway through they get discouraged because they failed to define what products or services their website will offer.

    But don’t dwell so much on this step, because many people’s businesses change over time and it’s totally normal.

    But you need to start from somewhere in order to maximize your website and start earning passive income.

    When choosing what to offer on your website for money, you can start with any of these three options:

    • Services: Offering services on your website as a virtual assistant is one of the easiest ways to make money and earn consistent passive income as well. You can offer services of a skill that you’re very good at. Such as Graphic design, Social media management, Copywriting, Coaching and Consulting.
    • Digital Products: You can sell digital products on your website such as Ebooks, Online courses, online class, templates, workbooks, printables, planners, journals etc.
    • Physical products: You can sell physical products such as cloths, art work, jewelries, etc.
    • Advertisement
    • Sponsored posts

    If you’re new to online business and want to earn passive income, then selling a service is the easiest to start. More on how to become a virtual assistant in this blog post that I created.

    A Quick Tip to keep in mind is that whatever services you’re selling, it need’s to solve a problem for someone.

    Now that you have a plan to decide what services or products to sell on your website, it’s time to build your passive income hub so that you can start earning passive income and not sit on the fence again.

    I am going to show you how to get your own self-hosted website with bluehost. So that you can have more control over it and more opportunities to monetize your website.

    I recommend bluehost because their hosting plans includes:

    • A free domain name for your first year. A domain name typically cost $10-15 yearly, but when you purchase your hosting from bluehost, you get a free domain name for your first year. Your domain name is the name of your website. You can use your personal name as your domain name and choose the .com, or .org extension as they are the most popular and most people visiting your website will automatically assume it’s a .com.
    • Free SSL Certificate: An SSL Certificate adds the little lock next to your website URL in the address bar. An SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), also called a Digital Certificate, creates a secure link between a website and a visitor’s browser. By ensuring that all data passed between the two remains private and secure, SSL encryption prevents hackers from stealing private information such as credit card numbers, names and addresses.If you sell products or services on your website and accept credit cards online, you need an SSL Certificate for website security.
    • One Click WordPress Installation: Building a website is easy if you don’t have to mess around with codes. And with bluehost it’s just a one click, and you have wordpress installed and ready to build your website.
    • 24/7 support: If you have a question, their customer support will help you.

    So, let’s get started.

    how to create your passive income hub

    How To set up hosting

    To get your hosting account, click here and be taken to bluehost.

    You will see this page, click on “Get Started” button.

    How to build your website

    Then choose one of bluehost packages

    How to build your website

    I recommend the “basic plan”. It is the cheapest option and also has all the features you need to to earn passive income.

    But you can choose any other plan.

    Click, “Select” on your choosen plan and next you’ll set up your domain.

    how to build a website

    If you don’t own any domain name yet, you can create a new domain by entering your domain name in the left hand side.

    Use namecheckr to verify that your domain name is available and also claim your name across all social media accounts.

    When you put your domain name, it will show you what domain name extensions are (.com, .org, .net) and social media platforms the name is available on.

    But if you already have a registered domain name, then enter it on the right hand side and click “next”.

    You will be taken to this page:

    Create Your Account

    how to set up hosting

    Fill in your information.

    For the package information, bluehost sets your hosting plan to 3years and it’s the cheapest option. When you choose the three years hosting plan it is cheaper and you don’t get to worry about hosting for the first few years of your online business, and you focus on earning passive income.

    But you can choose a shorter plan.

    Next you select your package extras.

    Bluehost automatically selects some of these package extras. But you can deselect them but make sure that you select the “domain privacy protection”.

    It cost’s $11.88 a year. The Domain Privacy Protection is a service Bluehost offers that will hide your personal contact information that you used in registering your domain like your phone number and email address from the public WHOIS database and replace it with generic Bluehost contact information instead. You are still the owner of the domain name, but your personal contact information is kept safe.

    Next, enter your payment information

    Scroll down and tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions and then click on submit.

    Click Submit.

    Once you pay for your hosting, you will see this screen.

    Check your email, bluehost will send you a welcome email confirming your account and FTP information.

    Next, create a password for your account. Make sure you follow the guidelines for creating a password and also write it down somewhere, as you will need it to login.

    Connect WordPress And Bluehost Together for Free

    With bluehost, after your hosting account is created, WordPress will install automatically.

    Bluehost makes it easy for you to create a wordpress site for your passive income hub especially if you’re not tech savvy.

    Start by picking a theme. Bluehost offers some free theme from the

    Note, you can always change your theme later, which I will show you how to do that in this blog post.

    For now, pick any of the free theme, and get started. And everything will be installed for you.

    Click on the “start building” button lets start building your website.

    Next, choose if your website is for business or personal. But since your goal is to build a passive income hub and make money, choose business

    Here, you will see an overview of WordPress and bluehost integration.

    Next, enter your site title and tagline. For example my site title is currently: Freelance writer, blogger and website creator. And my description is “Learn how to create your own website and earn passive income consistently”.

    Note, you can always change your site title and Tagline.

    If you’re struggling to give your website a title and description, leave it blank as you can always fill it in later.

    How To change Your Site Title and Tagline

    From your wordpress dashboard, go to settings >> General and enter the title and tagline

    Below is what your bluehost control panel will look like.

    From here you can login to your wordpress website. Just click the “log in to wordpress”

    Whoop, that’s it you have officially created your wordpress site.

    Keep reading, to know what to do next.

    An overview about WordPress

    WordPress is a content management system. It’s robust and you can do so much with your WordPress site. Just to mention a few things like:

    • create and sell your online courses on WordPress
    • Set up an online store
    • Sell your digital products
    • Create any type of website

    But you need to understand the back end of WordPress because that is where you will be working from to earn passive income.

    Below I will show the most important parts of a wordpress dashboard especially for beginners


    Appearance is where you can change the entire look of your website.

    when you click on appearance, you have a few options like:

    • Theme: Your website theme determines if your website will look beautiful or unappealing.
    • Customize: The customize option helps you make changes to your website and at the same time you can see what your website looks like from a visitors angle.
    • Widgets: Widgets are added in some locations on your website to enable you add more functionalities..
    • Menus: Menus makes your site easier to navigate by adding links to the different parts of your website.


    If you click on “posts”, it will show you all the blog post that you have whether draft or published. When you click on “add new” you can create and publish a new blog post


    The page section, houses all your wordpress pages, and to add a new page, you click on “add new”.


    The media keeps all your images, videos and any other media file that you upload on your wordpress site. To add a new media, click on “add new”.


    So now that you have understood how to use your wordpress dashboard, go ahead an install these necessary plugins on your website.

    There are more than 50,000 free plugins available in the wordpress directory and thousands of premium plugins as well. These plugins improves your site’s functionality. You can do various customization with these plugins.

    You can add more widgets on your blog, add contact forms, and optimize your entire site for SEO with the use of plugins.

    Just know there’s a plugin for everything.

    how To Install A WordPress Plugin

    To upload a plugin in wordpress: Go to your wordpress dashboard click plugins >> add new >> type in the name of the plugin in the search box, click install and then activate.

    Here Are Five Necessary Plugins You Should Start Using From Day 1:

    WP Forms

    Once your website is up and running, you need a contact form to allow your readers or potential clients to contact you. Whether your website is new, it does not matter because there will be someone who will need to contact you. Always remember to treat your website as a business.

    You can easily create a contact form for free using WP Forms, a wordpress contact form plugin.

    Follow this step by step guide, on how to create a contact form using WP Forms and create your own form.

    Yoast SEO (For Optimizing Your Posts For SEO)

    Yoast helps you with everything you need for optimizing your blog posts, and it’s also free. So download the Yoast SEO Plugin

    MonsterInsights (For Google Analytics)

    As a website owner, you need to track your website traffic, so that you can understand your readers interests, and behavior. And to achieve that you simply create a google analytics account(it’s free) and link it to your blog. Google analytics can be a bit confusing for a beginner, but with MonsterInsights plugin is created solely for you to understand your stats. It displays google analytics directly on your wordpress dashboard in an easy way for you to understand. So after creating your google analytics account, download the MonsterInsights Plugin.

    Follow this guide, for how to properly setup google analytics in wordpress

    Social Warfare

    There are lots of social sharing plugins out but I recommend and also use Social Warfare because its’s simple, easy to setup and effective. Just go to your wordpress dashboard, click on Plugins, >> add new, in the search box, enter the name “social warfare” click install, then activate and then configure using your social accounts username.

    UpdraftsPlus For (Back Up)

    All sites across the internet have a high risk of getting hacked. Which means there’s a possibility of loosing all your entire site. And to avoid that, you need to install and use a reliable plugin.

    Updraftsplus is the best plugin that is easy to setup and it’s free. On your wordpress dashboard, go to plugins >> click add new, in the search box, type in updraftplus, then install and activate.


    change the permalink structure

    The permalink structure of your website is basically the format of your blog posts URL.

    Change your website permalink structure to the “post name” structure.

    Take a look at mine in the image below.

    Now its time to install a wordpress theme on your website.

    how to install a WordPress theme

    The function of the theme is that it controls the general look and appearance of your blog. It can also affect the SEO of your blog. So before you choose a theme, make sure you check the theme ratings, reviews, and downloads.

    WordPress also has premium themes which you can easily purchase and use.

    To install a free WordPress theme… From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance, Theme >> Add new. In the search bar type Astra.

    The Astra theme will pop up, click “Install”, after installing, click ” Activate “.

    But if you don’t want the Astra theme, choose and install any theme of your choice from the available WordPress themes and start building your passive income hub.

    I personally use and recommend the astra theme. It’s a free them and also have the paid version. But as a beginner it can be confusing choosing a free theme that will not hurt the SEO of your website and also serve you better.

    To customize the astra theme, you can google how to customize the astra theme on youtube, and you will find great videos.

    But if you want to us a premium which is also fantastic even as a beginner, check out bluchic, they have great themes that you will love.

    Share Your First Blog Post

    Sharing blog post is an essential part of making passive income from your website.

    Blog posts can grow your readers interests, and also earn more income.

    To create your first blog post, click on “Posts” Click on “Add New”.

    Type the title of your blog post in the first box.

    Write your blog post below the title.

    After writing your blog post, click on the “publish” button at the top right corner.

    Monetize Your Website

    You can start monetizing your website with Google adsense or They are basic ad companies.

    But you need to publish a few blog posts, share them on your social media accounts like facebook and pinterest so that you can get some pageviews.

    To get traffic, go to pinterest and create a business account and start sharing your blog posts there.

    I have a detailed blog post on how to create a pinterest business account to drive traffic to your website, even if you have 0 pageviews.

    You can also find brands to work with on ultimate bundles as an affiliate.

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